Annual Membership Meeting

Action Required: VRMA Board Elections
Below you will find a report from the Leadership Development Committee. In accordance with the VRMA Bylaws, the report lists the names of all qualified candidates who have applied to serve on the Board of Directors, including the recommended slate for the Board of Directors and additional information regarding casting your vote. 
Thank you for your active participation in VRMA. 

Cast Your Vote Now: Electronic Balloting Instructions

Per the VRMA Bylaws, elections will be held in advance of the 2016 Annual Conference via electronic ballot to ensure that all members have an equal opportunity to vote for the Board of Directors, rather than only those in attendance at the 2016 Annual Conference. The primary contact recieved an email with the voting login information and will use that to vote. If you have questions about login information, please email TJ Jacobs at

Leadership Development Committee Report

Per the Bylaws of the Vacation Rental Managers Assocation, the President shall appoint a Leadership Development Committee (LDC) composed of a number of Members designated by the President to nominate candidates from the Members to stand for election by the Members as Directors. 

The LDC shall also recommend candidates from its Director nominations to stand for election by the Board of Directors as officers of the Association. 
Following is the report of the 2016 Leadership Development Committee as filed by committee co-chairs, Lucy Kawaihalau (Kauai Vacation Rentals) and Claire Reiswerg (Sand 'N Sea Properties). 

Thank you for the opportunity to work with our committee to provide a slate of qualified candidates for the 2016-2017 VRMA Board of Directors. We want to start by thanking committee members Billy Bernier (Brusnwick Plantation Rentals, Calabash, NC)Steve Zimmerman (Beach House Logos, Lewes, DE), and Patrick Keenan (Siebert Realty, Virginia Beach, VA). There were many hours spent collectively by this group and we thank them for their tireless work on this project. 
The Bylaws of our organization call for the LDC to present a report to the Board that presents recommended candidates for election.

The qualifications listed in the bylaws are:
  • Must be a member in good standing
  • Officer, director, shareholder, partner, member or manager of VRMA Member Company
  • No more than one representative per company
Pursuant to the bylaws of the organization the LDC considered the balance and diversity of the board to reflect the membership of our organization (Large company/Small company, Beach/Mountain, East/West, Employee/Owner, Male/Female, etc.). 

Additionally, there was a strong preference for candidates to be members of the organization for at least three consecutive years and established members of the vacation rental industry. There was also a preference for candidates to have attended several VRMA conferences - national or regional - in the previous three years. Finally, although not specified in the bylaws, the LDC was attuned to previous "working" board experience: weight was given to board/committee work related to the vacation rental industry on a local, state or national level, and to participation on VRMA committees.

We think it is important to also advise you of the process that the committee employed.
  • We began meeting via conference call in June to review the election process. We went through all of the solicitation materials and reviewed the materials and updated verbiage in the documents.  
  • The office sent out a call for applicants on June 29.
  • The nomination window was open until July 22, and applications did indeed come in; ultimately, we extended the application time frame to July 26 to ensure everyone had an opportunity to submit their applications.  
  • We have five positions on the Board of Directors available for election this year for Vacation Rental Managers and two positions on the board for Supplier Members.  
  • The LDC received ten applications for the five VRM positions and eight applications for the two Supplier Member positions.  
  • The LDC met again in late July and discussed the applications, compared professional and volunteer experience, verified qualifications for board membership, and determined the process for further vetting the candidates. Personal interviews were conducted with selected candidates and references were checked. The LDC came up with qualifying questions to ask each candidate, so that answers could be equally compared. 
  • We met via conference call to discuss each candidate interview and make our final decisions.
We are pleased to report to you the following LDC-recommended slate of candidates for your consideration and approval:
Vacation Rental Manager positions:
  • Michelle Aquavella, Sea to Sky Rentals (Incumbent): Second 2-Year Term
  • Toby Babich, Breckenridge Resort Managers (Incumbent)Second 2-Year Term 
  • Cliff Johnson, Vacasa (Incumbent): Second 2-Year Term 
  • Jodi Refosco, Taylor Made Vacations (Incumbent): Second 2-Year Term 
  • Melaney Robbins, Oak Island Accommodations: First 2-Year Term 
Supplier Member positions:
  • Matt Golis, VacationRentPayment (Incumbent): Second 2-Year Term  
  • Scott Leggat, Local Social Inc.: First 2-year Term**
**Scott Leggat was elected in 2015 to serve on the VRMA Board of Directors in a VRM position. Due to a recent career change, Scott is now working as the full-time CEO of LSI, a VRMA supplier member. As a result, he stepped down from his role on the VRMA Board of Directors, and he submitted an application to serve on the board in a supplier role. If elected, Scott would rejoin the board to begin his first two-year term as a supplier representative.

The additional candidates for board positions who will be on the ballot are as follows:
VRM Candidates:
  • Gail Boisclair, SARL PerfectlyParis
  • Ken Willis, DeBordieu Rentals
Supplier Candidates:
  • Brian Brown, BookingPal, Inc
  • Tim Choate,, Inc.
  • Andrew McConnell,
  • Ed Ulmer, Barefoot Technologies Corp
We thank all of the applicants who demonstrated their willingness to serve our organization and we thank the VRMA board for the opportunity to assist with this important task.
Respectfully submitted,
Lucy Kawaihalau, Kauai Vacation Rentals
Claire Reiswerg, Sand 'N Sea Properties
2016 VRMA Leadership Development Committee Co-Chairs