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The annual membership term is January through December. Joining anytime in February through July, your dues are pro-rated and your membership is valid only for the current calendar year and must be renewed annually by January 1. Joining in August or later in the year, your dues are pro-rated for the current year plus you must pay full dues for the following year.

Membership Type Details  
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Type: Organization Record
Description: A company or individual that does not yet meet the Manager member qualifications of managing a minimum of 5 units. This membership category must renew as a Manager member.  
Membership Cost: $495.00
Membership Length: 12 month(s)
Membership term effective through: 12/31/2015 Total: $406.85
Online Directory: 1 online directory category is included with the membership.
Additional Contacts  
Affiliates: 1 affiliate level contact is included with the membership.
Representatives: 5 representative level contacts are included with the membership.
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