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New Revenue: Raise Fees, Lower Commissions

Looking for new revenue? Consider implementing a fee structure that allows you to control cost creep, improve your bottom line and keep homeowners happy.

New Revenue: Expanding Services Beyond Inventory

Many VRMs have developed a number of procedures, systems, and additional home services to create a competitive advantage and operational efficiency in their businesses. Most of these managers are only targeting their current customer bases for these services and have neglected to see the market need outside of their inventory. Here are six steps to expand your revenue sources beyond your current inventory.

New Revenue: Innovative Revenue Models from the Vacation Rental Industry and Beyond

After such a positive response to our session at VRMA East, and in preparation for conducting a similar session at VRMA West, we wanted to share some of the ideas with those who were not able to attend, or who would like additional color on the topics covered. To that end, this will be the first piece in a three part series covering “New Revenue: Innovative Revenue Models from the Vacation Rental Industry and Beyond.”

Awesome Vacation Rental Marketing Idea: Competitive Advantage Through Local Partnerships

Now that we’ve established the importance of vacation rental marketing (especially inbound marketing), and many vacation rental managers are hitting the busiest time of year, it's time to try to break off some VRM marketing ideas into smaller chunks.

Talking points for recruiting homeowners

Increasing the number of properties you manage is the best and fastest way to grow your business. Of course, adding properties is easier said than done. Here are talking points to use when you have a conversation with a prospective homeowner.