A Day in the Life of a Vacation Rental Manager: All in a Day's Work

Vacation rental managers often have to think on their feet-- and have a sense of humor. Here's how one manager turned an upset customer into a repeat guest.

Vacation Rental Managers: Do You Have The Right Call Monitoring Scoring Criteria?

Even the best call monitoring system is only as good as how a vacation rental manager uses it. Make sure that you have the right scoring model and criteria in place.  

The Trouble with Social Media Marketing

To crack the code on social media marketing, we have to examine three little words: "Social," Media" and "Marketing."

[March Webinar] Overcoming Vacation Rental Restrictions, Bans and Regulations

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VRMA's Regional Seminars: Register Now

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Top 8 Vacation Rental Myths Debunked

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2015 VRMA European Seminar Recap

 With a record crowd and two-days of educational sessions and networking opportunities, it's no surprise that the event generated lots of conversation before, during and after the event. Here's what attendees had to say about #VRMAEurope on social media.

Winning with Difficult Customers

We are in new territory when it comes to customer service. More than ever, the customer has a voice and they are using it. So what should vacation rental management companies do?

Why Vacation Rental Managers Should Be Podcasting

There is an intimacy about a podcast that can’t be achieved by blogging – an engagement with the speaker that goes way beyond the written word.  On top of that, listeners are more likely to stay with an entertaining podcast for longer than they would a blog post.

VRMA European Seminar: Follow Along on Social Media

Your chance to connect with the European holiday rental market.