Do You Thread Count?

Purchasing bed linens can be tricky so I have included a few basic tips to consider when purchasing linens for your vacation rental and remember, don't get caught up in thread count.


Facebook 101: A Vacation Rental Manager's Guide to Maintaining Interaction

The wonderful world of social media is an ever-increasing form of interaction between customer and service. For vacation rental management companies, it is important to know the correct approach in order to maximize exposure and increase leads and conversions.

Bringing Out The Best In Guests, Brings Out The Best In Frontline Colleagues

A key principle for finding personal fulfillment in the never-ending journey to hospitality service excellence is realizing that when we bring out the best in others, we simultaneously bring out the best in ourselves every day, every shift, and with just about every guest we encounter.

Hurricane Arthur: An Unforeseen Event

Question: Why should a vacationing guest consider purchasing travel insurance?
Answer: Hurricane Arthur!

Summer Lovin': 12 Tips for Vacation Rental Marketing Magic

Summer may be the busiest time of year for most vacation rental managers, but it's important not to lose sight of the steps you need to take to make the most of your marketing efforts over the next few months. 

New Email Marketing Laws That You Must Know as a Vacation Rental Marketer

Have you ever received an inquiry or booking from someone in Canada? Do you think you may receive an inquiry or booking from someone in Canada? Then you need to be aware of new anti-spam legislation beginning July 1 that will affect your e-mail marketing strategy for these guests.

Dealing with Difficult Guests

We’ve all dealt with them: Difficult guests. One manager shares his tips and lessons learned for finding solutions for difficult guests.

Google+ Changes: How they affect vacation rental marketing

Have you dedicated any time or resources to Google+? If you have for your business, chances are you still don't spend a significant amount of time on Google+ personally. There has been a lot of recent news about changes on Google+ that will impact the vacation rental industry.

Trends in the Vacation Rental Industry: Q2 2014

Vacation rental industry trends: A deeper look at the issues shaping the vacation rental landscape in 2014.

Pets or Not: Vacation Rental Companies Divided

When it comes to making a property pet-friendly, what's an owner to do? Here's how vacation rental managers can help owners decide.