Yield Management and Dynamic Pricing: How to Stay Competitive as the Industry Evolves

Ian McHenry, co-founder and president of Beyond Pricing and presenter at the 2015 VRMA National Conference, weighs in on the economics of staying competitive and relevant in a challenging marketplace. 

Three Ways to Keep Bed Bugs at Bay

Bed bugs can be a reputation-destroying affliction for any rental property management company. Check out these invaluable tips on preventing bed bugs from InnStyle's Susan Sternthal.

Tips for Tackling 2016

VRMA member Rodney Archer knows from personal experience all the different roles that a new business owner must take on when starting or running a small rental management company. In this article, Rodney gives some tips and tricks to managing, delegating and assessing your business in 2016.

Top 4 Vacation Industry Predictions for 2016

The vacation industry has some predictable trends -- like longer destination travel in the summer and busy seasons during the holidays -- but some things are a bit harder to determine, such as where the industry as a whole is headed. Tom Villante, CEO of Yapstone, identifies four main predictions for the next year of the vacation industry.

The Complex and Confusing Economics of Customer Acquisition

Julian Castelli, CEO of LeisureLink, gives an in-depth look at the world of customer acquisition. Some of the most complex nuances like Google pay-per-click campaigns, the future of SERPs and the impact of Airbnb are explained.

Bed Bugs Make Bad Travel Buddies

Bed bugs are bad news and can impact your business drastically. InnStyle's Susan Sternhall gives important tips to detect and prevent bed bugs at your property.

Trends in the Vacation Rental Industry: Q4 2015

This is part of an ongoing VRMA series of quarterly reviews of the top trends in the vacation rental industry.

Building Positive Relationships With VR Owners Is Key To Long Term Viability

The key to the long-term viability of any rental company is the relationships it has with the owners of its inventory. Learn how to build and maintain these relationships.

How to Win Big with the 7 Deadly Sins of Distribution Now and Next Year

Using the 7 Deadly Sins of Distribution as a guide, there are several strategies that, if put in place now, will increase bookings and OTA presence at year's end, and help inform rate strategies and promotions in 2016.

Will 2015 Be Remembered as the Year Online Marketing was Democratized?

Will we continue to see the democratization of online marketing as the major hospitality trend of 2016?