[Infographic] Is 2015 the vacation rental industry's 1952 moment?

Lessons from the evolution and consolidation of the hotel industry in the 1950s and 1960s are informative in understanding the potential for this seismic growth impacting the lodging industry decades later.

[October Webinar] Customer Service: The Right Stuff Sticks

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The Most Valuable High Touch Guest Service Channels in the High Tech Digital Age

These days, the guest journey has grown more complex. On a typical day in 2015, millions of people worldwide will book lodging accommodations. The exponential growth of the internet and the use of mobile devices by travelers who shop, plan, and book online shines a light on the challenges hoteliers face in their fragmented, complex distribution environment.

How To Plan Your 2016 Marketing Budget

For many of our clients, the 2015 rental season is winding down. Over the past few months, you've had your head down working; dealing with the needs of your homeowners and guests. Now it's time to take a more detailed look at 2015 and plan ahead for 2016 — and I have some tips and tricks to help you set your marketing budgets for 2016. 

30 Pearls of HR Wisdom from 1985

When it formed in 1985, VRMA was in good company with other innovative and impactful things that have emerged. From entertainment to scientific discoveries, there are pearls of human resources wisdom in each of the well-known 30  things celebrating thirty years of inception this year. 

Vacation Rental Bootcamp: 4 Sessions To Pump Up Revenue and Productivity

Are you ready to get your vacation rental gameface on? Then register now for VRMA Bootcamp sessions to pump up the revenue and productivity in your company's finances, housekeeping, sales and marketing.

[September Webinar] Intro to Financial Management and Budgeting for Property Managers

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30 Lessons from our First Decade of Vacation Rental Management

To celebrate VRMA's 30th anniversary, one company shares 30 lessons it has learned during its first decade of vacation rental management.

30 Years of VRMA: Current President Ben Edwards

As we celebrate VRMA's 30th birthday, we've had a chance to look back with some key leaders.  Here's our conversation with Ben Edwards, our current President and someone who has had the vacation rental industry flowing through his veins since 2000.

Make It Your Job To Bring Out The Best In Others

In addition to helping our staff better empathize and understand the real-life experiences being played out daily on the other side of the front desk, it is also important to make it their daily mission to bring out the best in others we encounter.