VRMA turns 30: Where were you in 1985?

To celebrate the VRMA 30th Anniversary, it seems fitting to share the top 30 posts from the VRMA blog – trends, marketing, operations, customer service, homeowner retention/acquisition, reservations, housekeeping. You're sure to find a gem or two hidden in this list.

A Day in the Life of a Vacation Rental Manager: Advertisemobile!

Looking for a creative way to get your company's name out there? One vacation rental manager discusses the best marketing investment she's ever made.

Recommendations, Suggestions and Endorsements Are Key To Increasing Conversion

Having too many options makes consumers confused, stressed, and causes them to “choose not to choose.”  How can sales agents overcome these obstacles?

30 Years of VRMA: VRMA Founder John Kjellman

As VRMA celebrates its 30th Anniversary, we catch up with VRMA Founder John Kjellman for his thoughts on VRMA's past, present and future.

How To Become a Reservation Superstar

Just how does one exactly become a Reservation Superstar? It sounds like a pretty daunting task. While the technology in our industry is evolving—making it easy for customers to book a vacation without having to speak to a member of our staff even once—why do so many of them continue to pick up the phone and continue to call us to book their vacations?

VRMA: The Beginning

As VRMA celebrates its 30th Anniversary, we are pausing to take a look back at the founding of the organization. This is the first of an ongoing series recognizing key leaders and moments in the organization's history.

[July Webinar] Manage Your Reviews and Maintain Your Sanity

 Join us for an upcoming webinar on July 30. 

Sweepstakes vs. Contest Promotions for VRMs

Are you looking for effective and fun ways to grow your company's presence? Sweepstakes and contests can be great options. Read on to learn the differences between the two, and how they can help you build your vacation rental company's brand.

A Day in the Life of a Vacation Rental Manager: The Craziest Emergency Call Ever

You never know what will happen next in this crazy, crazy vacation rental business. No two days, no two properties, owners or guests are ever the same. From lost keys to leaking toilets, mysteriously blinking lights to broken air conditioners in the middle of the night, there is never a dull moment. Here's a look at the craziest emergency call one manager ever experienced.

Delivering World Class Customer Service

While the foundations of customer service haven't changed, there is innovative new thinking about designing interactions that will make a positive difference for the customer service you deliver.