Trends in the Vacation Rental Industry: Q2 2016

This is part of an ongoing VRMA series of quarterly reviews of the top trends in the vacation rental industry. For those new to the series, you can find earlier posts under myVRMA Blog Contributor Page.
This series' intent is to synthesize major trends and developments within the vacation rental industry over the period, not to just summarize them all. My hope is to stimulate discussion and debate, and as such, I strongly encourage use of the comments section at the bottom. I would like to hear what trends you think I have missed and what vacation rental managers (VRMs) can do to benefit from positive trends while limiting the detriment caused by negative trends.


Five Ways to Keep Your Vacation Homes Spotless During the Busy Summer Season

As a vacation rental manager, your priority during the often-busy summer season is to deliver an immaculate vacation space to every guest without worry. These cleaning tips, brought to you by some of Vacasa's busiest and most highly valued team members, will keep your home shipshape even when guests are coming and going faster than usual. These tips come from cleaning 231,000 homes across the world, so you know they are tried and true.   

What Expenses Can Vacation Rental Owners Deduct?

As a vacation rental owner, finding and deducting the expenses that are related to the operation of your vacation rental business can offer significant tax savings. Unfortunately, there are many vacation rental hosts who fail to take advantage of all the deductions they are eligible for. 

Vacation Rental Advocacy and Regulatory Update

Across the U.S., from Beaufort, North Carolina to Los Angeles and everywhere in between, I have been tracking local and state legislation that unfairly regulates vacation rental properties. In many cases, the news stories and ordinances read the same. However, there is a growing trend for only primary home rentals or severely restricted secondary home rentals.

Balancing Strategic Opportunism to Maximize Your Company's Growth

When it comes to major business decisions, Vacasa seeks a balance between opportunism -- here's an amazing opportunity, grab it before it's gone! -- and a more long-term strategic approach based on predetermined goals. Learning how to balance the different aspects of a company is essential to achieving sustainable growth.

Shake-ups in the collaborative industry

The collaborative industry has been growing at an exponential rate, with the business model roughly defined as consumer peer-to-peer sharing of resources (for example: car sharing, rental accommodation or bike sharing). While the industry is by no means new, public awareness and inherent demand have moved the industry into the mainstream with the growth of companies such as Uber and Airbnb. Not only is it disrupting the traditional sales industry and forcing a rethink of strategy, but it is also changing and developing as it establishes itself. We look into how this industry is changing right now. 


5 Tips for Better Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

When it comes to advertising, pay per click (PPC) is about as simple as it gets—in theory. And while the bidding process behind this advertising channel is certainly a bit more complex, it is an emerging medium that you should be utilizing. Here are five tips we believe will aid you in managing your own PPC campaign.

Drum Up More Business During Your Off Season

Did you know that out of the almost 6 million vacation rental properties in the United States, almost all of them sit vacant for up to 85 percent of the year, depending on the location? This is the shocking truth and, unless you operate in Hawaii or some other beauteous island locale, chances are your off seasons can be even more killer than what that statistic makes apparent.

The First Tools of the New VRMA Advocacy Toolkit

Short-term rental regulations continue to spread across the U.S. from the smallest town to largest state. Greg Holcomb, senior advocacy coordinator for VRMA, shares details of the first components of an advocacy toolkit to help members fight off burdensome rules that can greatly restrict the rental of properties you manage.

Why Competition May Be the Best Thing for Vacation Rental Property Managers

Although most businesses dream of having a market all to themselves, studies and history show us that more players in the market can be a good thing. Competition is the key driver of performance and inspires the adoption of innovation as companies adapt and new ideas emerge in the industry.