Closing The Sale Starts With A Positive First Impression

Avoid the dreaded "sales lead fatigue." Here are simple steps to closing more sales by making a positive first impression.

Why Market Analyses are Important

A market analysis can give your team an advantage over your competition. Here's how to get started. 

Best Practices for Keeping your Sweepstakes and Contests Legal and Compliant

What do vacation rental managers need to know to ensure their social media sweepstakes and contests are legal? 

How Technology Can Help You Achieve Vacation Rental Distribution Excellence

The vacation rental industry continues to undergo a fundamental revolution. The digital era has transformed how consumers search, share, and book a property. It is now imperative, not optional, that vacation rental property managers focus on an online strategy that is cost-effective, generates more bookings, protects rate parity and price integrity while reaching the broadest audience of consumers. With the right strategy and technology, managers can profit from achieving vacation rental distribution excellence.

Marketing Automation: Preparing Your Properties And Yourself!

Keeping up with new technologies offered to vacation rental property managers today is a challenge in itself. From revenue management tools to digital welcome packs, our industry is attracting innovative start-ups that aim to solve everyday challenges and the biggest challenge of all? Marketing your properties.

The Most Valuable High Touch Guest Service Channels in the High Tech Digital Age

These days, the guest journey has grown more complex. On a typical day in 2015, millions of people worldwide will book lodging accommodations. The exponential growth of the internet and the use of mobile devices by travelers who shop, plan, and book online shines a light on the challenges hoteliers face in their fragmented, complex distribution environment.

How To Plan Your 2016 Marketing Budget

For many of our clients, the 2015 rental season is winding down. Over the past few months, you've had your head down working; dealing with the needs of your homeowners and guests. Now it's time to take a more detailed look at 2015 and plan ahead for 2016 — and I have some tips and tricks to help you set your marketing budgets for 2016. 

7 Social Media Tips For Vacation Rental Managers

These winning tips will help you manage your social media accounts and your time.

A Day in the Life of a Vacation Rental Manager: Advertisemobile!

Looking for a creative way to get your company's name out there? One vacation rental manager discusses the best marketing investment she's ever made.

Recommendations, Suggestions and Endorsements Are Key To Increasing Conversion

Having too many options makes consumers confused, stressed, and causes them to “choose not to choose.”  How can sales agents overcome these obstacles?