7 Social Media Tips For Vacation Rental Managers

These winning tips will help you manage your social media accounts and your time.

A Day in the Life of a Vacation Rental Manager: Advertisemobile!

Looking for a creative way to get your company's name out there? One vacation rental manager discusses the best marketing investment she's ever made.

Recommendations, Suggestions and Endorsements Are Key To Increasing Conversion

Having too many options makes consumers confused, stressed, and causes them to “choose not to choose.”  How can sales agents overcome these obstacles?

How To Become a Reservation Superstar

Just how does one exactly become a Reservation Superstar? It sounds like a pretty daunting task. While the technology in our industry is evolving—making it easy for customers to book a vacation without having to speak to a member of our staff even once—why do so many of them continue to pick up the phone and continue to call us to book their vacations?

Sweepstakes vs. Contest Promotions for VRMs

Are you looking for effective and fun ways to grow your company's presence? Sweepstakes and contests can be great options. Read on to learn the differences between the two, and how they can help you build your vacation rental company's brand.

Video is the New Internet for Vacation Rentals

How can you, as a vacation rental manager, make your listings stand out above the crowd and grab the attention of overwhelmed online consumers? The answer is video. 

Utilizing Search Engines to Improve Homeowner Acquisition

Looking for a new tool that can get your company's name out in front of an entire population of people just dying to use your property management services? Search engine optimization might be the answer.

[New whitepaper] A primer on social media for VRMs: Facebook

For small and medium-sized vacation rental managers, social media is an easy way to generate interest and awareness of your properties. How can you set your company up for success?

How to Prosper from Hospitality Industry's Top Trends

Two major trends are set to rock the VR industry. Sound ominous? Fear not, because vacation rentals are perfectly positioned to ride both trends to new revenue heights.

Are you ready for the mobile apocalypse?

As of April 21, the use of mobile usability will be extended as a ranking factor in the Google search engine algorithm. Are you prepared?