5 Steps to Drive Revenue with a Cost-effective Content Strategy

By now, most of us in the vacation rental space are convinced that quality content is an essential part of your marketing outlay, and a solid content strategy is cheaper than you think (even if writing, design and social media aren't your strong suits). Here are five steps to get your content strategy started, whether you're a small, family-owned business or a large national firm.

Vacation Rental Reservations Agents: It's Not Our Job to Help Find What's Available, But Rather to Help Them Decide Which to Book

Besides providing reservations sales training and telephone mystery shopping for the vacation rental industry, many companies have hired me to do consulting regarding their overall sales and service levels. In this case, I often place calls directly to the reservations rental sales agents. 

5 Tips for Better Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

When it comes to advertising, pay per click (PPC) is about as simple as it gets—in theory. And while the bidding process behind this advertising channel is certainly a bit more complex, it is an emerging medium that you should be utilizing. Here are five tips we believe will aid you in managing your own PPC campaign.

Drum Up More Business During Your Off Season

Did you know that out of the almost 6 million vacation rental properties in the United States, almost all of them sit vacant for up to 85 percent of the year, depending on the location? This is the shocking truth and, unless you operate in Hawaii or some other beauteous island locale, chances are your off seasons can be even more killer than what that statistic makes apparent.

Why Competition May Be the Best Thing for Vacation Rental Property Managers

Although most businesses dream of having a market all to themselves, studies and history show us that more players in the market can be a good thing. Competition is the key driver of performance and inspires the adoption of innovation as companies adapt and new ideas emerge in the industry.

3 Easy Marketing Tricks to Attract More Vacationers to Your Rental Properties

Looking for a few easy tips and tricks to apply to your marketing efforts today that will ultimately help attract more vacationers to your rental properties? Alyson Waumett of Captevrix gives three crucial tips for making sure vacationers are finding you.

Why Does the Hospitality Rental Industry Need Online Influencers?

As the word suggests it, “influencers” have enough power on people to influence their behaviour and affect their purchasing choices. With the rise of the internet and social media, information has become the key for rental professionals to attract and convince their guests. 

Debunking the Myths About Vacation Rentals

From concerns about price, reliability and sales to solitude and luxuries, the myths about vacation rentals are wide ranging and often just not true. Stay Alfred Vacation Rentals has compiled  and debunked — this list of the seven biggest myths about vacation rentals.

4 Common Mistakes Vacation Rental Companies Using Inbound Marketing Make

Is your vacation rental company new to using inbound marketing? Or are you thinking about incorporating inbound marketing tactics to your marketing plan this year? Either way, make sure you don't fall victim to these four common mistakes inbound marketers can make.

Digital Media Best Practices for Vacation Rentals

With so many details to keep track of every day, vacation rental managers can often forget to market their properties online. And then with so many different digital options, it can be tough to understand which will yield the highest ROI. Michelle Marquis, vice president of sales and marketing at NAVIS, provides some best practices for digital media.