Ceramic Tile Flooring: "Wow" Factor on a Budget

Christina Fluegge of lifestyle blog greige design outlines a the fast and budget-friendly way to up the ante on a rental property's aesthetic.

Vacation Houses for Free?

Alan R. Hammond, past VRMA treasurer and founder/managing director of Holiday Vacation Rental, discusses why popular TV shows like HGTV's "Vacation House for Free" can skew the reality of owning and operating a vacation rental property.

18 Tips for Washing Linens

Cleaning and turning over properties after rentals is a cumbersome enough process, but when stain removal is added, it can get even trickier. InnStyle's Susan Sternthal gives 18 important tips to remember when you are treating stains on your properties' linens.

Stain Removal on Linens

Linens can instantly enhance a room by adding warmth, color, texture and an element of style. But keeping those sheets, towels, duvets, comforters and blankets in pristine condition can be a Herculean task. InnStyle's Susan Sternthal gives tips on tackling the daunting task of stain removal.

Renter Trends and Priorities: OVH360 Survey Results

Orlando Vacation Homes 360, Inc. recently conducted a survey of consumer vacation rental trends: How do renters search for and book properties and what are their top priorities when selecting vacation rental properties? OVH360 summarizes their findings in this article. The results may surprise you.

Bed Bugs Make Bad Travel Buddies

Bed bugs are bad news and can impact your business drastically. InnStyle's Susan Sternhall gives important tips to detect and prevent bed bugs at your property.

Doggone It!

Dog Friendly? This is often a difficult decision for vacation property owners, and I have always found it difficult to give advice to our new clients.


7 Tried-And-True Steps for Making the Perfect Vacation Rental Bed

Spend a little time layering a sleeping experience your guests won't forget, and they'll thank you for it in reviews and repeating bookings!

Shhh! The secret to the perfect hotel bed experience

Crisp White Sheets Layered, Tucked and Folded to Perfection...The Secret to the Hotel Bed Experience!

Do You Thread Count?

Purchasing bed linens can be tricky. Here are a few basic tips to consider when purchasing linens for your vacation rental.  Remember, don't get caught up in thread count.