Bed Bugs Make Bad Travel Buddies

Bed bugs are bad news and can impact your business drastically. InnStyle's Susan Sternhall gives important tips to detect and prevent bed bugs at your property.

Doggone It!

Dog Friendly? This is often a difficult decision for vacation property owners, and I have always found it difficult to give advice to our new clients.


7 Tried-And-True Steps for Making the Perfect Vacation Rental Bed

Spend a little time layering a sleeping experience your guests won't forget, and they'll thank you for it in reviews and repeating bookings!

Shhh! The secret to the perfect hotel bed experience

Crisp White Sheets Layered, Tucked and Folded to Perfection...The Secret to the Hotel Bed Experience!

Do You Thread Count?

Purchasing bed linens can be tricky. Here are a few basic tips to consider when purchasing linens for your vacation rental.  Remember, don't get caught up in thread count.


What Do Your Guests Want?

A look at social psychology and how to appeal to your guests.

5 Tips to Managing Turn Days

As owners and operators it isn't surprising to have a love-hate relationship with turning a large amount of properties on a single day. “Sold out” is music to our ears, but the dreaded dilemma of servicing the homes in a timely manner may cause temporary panic.

10 Ways to Increase Owner Retention for Professional Vacation Rental Management Companies

Retaining owners in your vacation rental program is critical to the success of your property management company. So how do you make sure you are keeping your owners from being seduced by other options in your market?