Top 30 Signs That You Might Be a Vacation Rental Manager

In honor of VRMA's 30th Anniversary, here are the top 30 signs that you might be a vacation rental manager. 

30 Inspirational Quotes for Vacation Rental Managers

Inspiration and motivation can go a long way. In honor of VRMA’s 30th anniversary, here’s a compilation of 30 inspirational quotes about work, change, and just life. Tell us, what inspires you?

Yield Management Strategies for Average Daily Rate And Occupancy

The key to selling the right unit, in the right place, at the right time, for the right price is yield management. 

Revenue and Yield Management: Overcoming Challenges Unique To The Vacation Rental Industry

There is one lodging business process that is significantly different when it comes to the vacation rental space versus the traditional hotel industry; the process of revenue and yield management.  

Adapt or Die: 4 Revenue Strategies to Thrive in 21st Century Vacation Rental Management

The vacation rental game has changed in recent years. Have you?

Pursuit of Profit: When are Call Centers Profitable?

If the Internet and rent by owner sites have taught us anything, it is the importance of responding promptly to renter inquiries. Call centers allow us to catch after-hours or overflow calls without having to add staff. The challenge is in understanding when they increase or decrease profit.

The Five R's of Owner Retention

Studies conducted by the U.S. Small Business Administration and U.S. Chamber of Commerce have found that acquiring new rental customers can cost as much as five to seven times more than simply retaining existing customers. The fact that customer profitability tends to increase over the life of a retained customer is added incentive for businesses to allocate more resources to sharpening their customer retention strategies.

Pets or Not: Vacation Rental Companies Divided

When it comes to making a property pet-friendly, what's an owner to do? Here's how vacation rental managers can help owners decide.

The Art and the Science of Personality Testing in the Hiring Process

Finding the right person to fill the right position is important in any industry. In the vacation rental industry, this is even truer than in most.

New Revenue: Raise Fees, Lower Commissions

Looking for new revenue? Consider implementing a fee structure that allows you to control cost creep, improve your bottom line and keep homeowners happy.