Tips for Tackling 2016

VRMA member Rodney Archer knows from personal experience all the different roles that a new business owner must take on when starting or running a small rental management company. In this article, Rodney gives some tips and tricks to managing, delegating and assessing your business in 2016.

Top 4 Vacation Industry Predictions for 2016

The vacation industry has some predictable trends -- like longer destination travel in the summer and busy seasons during the holidays -- but some things are a bit harder to determine, such as where the industry as a whole is headed. Tom Villante, CEO of Yapstone, identifies four main predictions for the next year of the vacation industry.

Expedia’s Acquisition of HomeAway Fast-Tracks Vacation Rental Industry Growth and Leads to Convergence

Learn what Expedia's acquisition of HomeAway means for the travel, vacation rental, and hospitality industries.

A Day in the Life of a Vacation Rental Manager: "Billy the Kid" Scam

Vacation rental management can keep you on your toes. Here is one manager's account of a scam that affected her company-- and how you can prevent this from happening to your properties.


Short-Term Rental Regulations: A Growing Trend Coming To Your Community

What do you need to know, how can you prepare, and how VRMA can help.

[Infographic] Is 2015 the vacation rental industry's 1952 moment?

Lessons from the evolution and consolidation of the hotel industry in the 1950s and 1960s are informative in understanding the potential for this seismic growth impacting the lodging industry decades later.

30 Pearls of HR Wisdom from 1985

When it formed in 1985, VRMA was in good company with other innovative and impactful things that have emerged. From entertainment to scientific discoveries, there are pearls of human resources wisdom in each of the well-known 30  things celebrating thirty years of inception this year. 

30 Lessons from our First Decade of Vacation Rental Management

To celebrate VRMA's 30th anniversary, one company shares 30 lessons it has learned during its first decade of vacation rental management.

Top 30 Signs That You Might Be a Vacation Rental Manager

In honor of VRMA's 30th Anniversary, here are the top 30 signs that you might be a vacation rental manager. 

30 Inspirational Quotes for Vacation Rental Managers

Inspiration and motivation can go a long way. In honor of VRMA's 30th anniversary, here's a compilation of 30 inspirational quotes about work, change, and just life. Tell us, what inspires you?