Getting Your Vacation Rental Ready for Guests

Every summer I look forward to visiting my home by the beach in New Jersey.

As much as I love the house, the summer and the beach, maintaining the home isn't a simple job. After my husband and I make the nearly two-hour drive to our summer home, there's always work to be done.

Improve Conversions on Vacation Rental Websites: Part 2

We hope that by now you have had the opportunity to read part one of this post, take a look at the analytics of your website and understand on how your visitors move around your pages. In this article we look at five reasons why potential customers might leave vacation rental websites without converting.

How to improve online booking conversions from your vacation rental website

Imagine the situation: A potential guest comes to your website, searches for a property for specific dates, proceeds to book, and on the final screen, leaves your site. It's far too common. In fact, research in 2015 by Adobe showed that only 2.4 percent of people who browse for hospitality and travel-related products make a booking. This article is the first of a series that investigates reasons why visitors leave, and what you can do to help convert them into guests.

5 Customer Review Tips to Increase Your Vacation Rental Bookings

Replies to guest reviews can boost your brand
Writing a response to both positive and negative guest reviews and testimonials has been shown to be a valuable use of time in influencing new customers to purchase from a company, and to encourage repeat purchases from existing customers. Some vacation rental companies may consider negative guest reviews to be damaging, but as long as the majority of reviews are positive, an occasional negative review can actually prove beneficial.


Make Your Inn, B&B or Vacation Rental Property Stand Out

Differentiating your property from the masses can be tough. Susan Sternthal from InnStyle, a longtime VRMA member, has some tips for helping your property stand out from the crowd.

Self-Care in an Industry of Service

Ali Cammelletti, president and consultant at Cammelletti Consulting, always worked hard to satisfy and exceed her guests' expecatations - sometimes at the detriment to her own wellbeing. In this article, Ali uses The Four Agreements to outline how service professionals can practice self-care, while also giving top-notch service to guests and customers.

A Day in the Life of a Vacation Rental Manager: The Craziest Emergency Call Ever

You never know what will happen next in this crazy, crazy vacation rental business. No two days, no two properties, owners or guests are ever the same. From lost keys to leaking toilets, mysteriously blinking lights to broken air conditioners in the middle of the night, there is never a dull moment. Here's a look at the craziest emergency call one manager ever experienced.

Delivering World Class Customer Service

While the foundations of customer service haven't changed, there is innovative new thinking about designing interactions that will make a positive difference for the customer service you deliver. 

Helping Staff Empathize With Guests Is Key To Authentic Hospitality

True hospitality superstars know that while delivering hospitality requires good communications skills, it takes more than just that. These five training tips will help frontline agents better connect with guests. 

5 Questions to Ask When Booking a Vacation Rental

The busy summer vacation rental season is almost here! Here are five questions travelers should ask when booking a vacation rental.