New Whitepaper: Promoting Professional Management

Homeowners have a choice – they can rent their homes themselves (RBOs) or they can engage the services of a professional property manager. How can you promote the service and value you provide?

VRMA's Communications Committee has released a new whitepaper about promoting professional management. Click here to download the whitepaper. (Link will open in a new window. You do not have to be a VRMA member to download this resource, but a valid email address is required.)

Review the list, edit it to fit your business, your policies and your area, and use it to promote your services. Include it in your prospective homeowner packets, post it on your website, or just use it as a reminder when you meet with homeowners. Also, feel free to use the graphic above to show just how much service and value you provide.

Click here to download the whitepaper:
Promoting Professional Management.