Awesome Vacation Rental Marketing Idea: Competitive Advantage Through Local Partnerships

Now that we've established the importance of vacation rental marketing (especially inbound marketing), and many vacation rental managers are hitting the busiest time of year, it's time to try to break off some VRM marketing ideas into smaller chunks.

I want to share a pretty awesome vacation rental marketing idea. And my guess is you may not of heard of it before.

Club Seaside

I can't take credit for the idea. It was definitely a team effort. However, as the Marketing Director for Seaside Vacations, I charged with making the program tick and tock (i.e. clockwork).
Seaside has done an awesome job keeping the program rolling since my departure. I suggest you follow the
Club Seaside link to take a look.
But here's a quick breakdown.
VRM “Club” Program:
  • The idea of Club Seaside can be applied to each and every vacation rental market.
  • Partner with local businesses that you  know your guests will be interested in – hidden treasures, popular attractions, etc.
  • Ask the local businesses to offer one free event to a limited amount of your guests on a weekly basis.
  • In return, you promote your “Club” program to your guests and as a result, you promote the local business as well. This promotion can/should be year round. It's a great differentiator!
  • Side Note: You'll notice in my One Year of VRM Marketing Content that the entire month of April is dedicated to announcing area partners. This is when we would announce all of our Club Seaside partnerships/events.  

  • Your guests love free – and you've carefully selected the best free there is!
  • You expose your guests to businesses and activities that may otherwise go unnoticed. (Thought leader!)
  • You get to differentiate from your competition by offering a pretty cool amenity.
  • The local business gets great marketing to a large pool of visitors at a very low cost – i.e. the cost of a small weekly event.

Checkout the
awesome list of free event Seaside is able to offer through this free program!
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