Profile: Adam Norko

I spent almost five years as Marketing Director with Seaside Vacations on the Outer Banks.

I designed websites, wrote blogs, took videos, shot pictures, inspected homes, managed vendors, worked with every division of a VRM. In short, I lived the VRM lifestyle day in and day out for years; I was in the trenches, my hands got dirty, and I'm better for it.

There is no question that I have a deep passion for the vacation rental industry, and I'd like to think my experience has given me a pretty good understanding of how the industry operates.

In September 2012 I made the transition from VRM Marketing Director to the Sales & Marketing Director at PointCentral smart home control. I loved my time marketing the Outer Banks vacation rental experience, but when I came across the PointCentral system, I saw an awesome opportunity to help the VR industry embrace technology to revolutionize how we do business - the ability to remotely monitor and control properties can offer an astounding change to business!

So, with the same vigor I brought to vacation rental marketing, I jumped on board the smart home control train. And luckily, I get an opportunity to help the industry that I love so much.