Communications Committee

Committee Description

  • Establish VRMA as the industry thought leader
  • Encourage prospective members to join VRMA
  • Provide value and benefit to members through relevant information
  • Create ongoing, industry-specific content which offers value to vacation rental mangers
  • Develop and deliver consistent communications to VRMA members and prospects
  • Create ongoing, industry-specific content which offers value to vacation rental guests, and is easy to share for vacation rental managers
  • Grow the VRMA social media presence through consistent sharing of content

Individual Responsibilities
Responsibilities/tasks of individual committee members
Participation on conference calls. Provide minimum of two unique pieces of content (i.e. blog posts) per year and solicit at least two pieces of content per year from other vacation rental industry members.


Time Commitment
Number of conference call meetings
Every other month for total of 6
Number of in-person meetings
No formal face-to-face meetings but informal meetings during VRMA events
Number of hours per month
2-3 hours per month
Committee Term
One year

Who Serves
Committee Membership
Limit of 15 members split between management company and vendor/supplier representatives
Competencies/experience required
A strong cross-section of interests and competencies is valuable for the Communications Committee. We want to have the ability to create value-added content across all relevant VR topics, and a variety of perspectives and experts is a valuable towards accomplishing this goal.


How to Volunteer
When does this committee accept new volunteers?
This committee is not currently accepting new members.