Conference Planning Committee

Committee Description

The Conference Planning Committee is responsible for determining the educational content of the Eastern Regional Seminar, Western Regional Seminar, and Annual Conference.  The educational content includes the concurrent break-out sessions and general session keynotes for each event. The committee takes into account the focus of the Regional Seminars (education for front-line employees and executives) and the focus of the Annual Conference (providing education for all areas of a management company). The committee also takes into account any feedback that is received via evaluations, personal conversations, etc.
Individual Responsibilities
Responsibilities/tasks of individual committee members
Provide input on session submissions and potential keynote speakers. Keep in mind the focus of the events and what type of education should be offered to ensure that the line-up meets those needs. Once the session submissions are received, the committee members score/rate the submissions individually. The scores are then compiled for the committee to begin the selection process. Committee members will also solicit specific presenters and topics if the submissions do not meet the selection criteria or if no submissions address a desired topic.

Time Commitment
Number of conference call meetings
20 – 25 calls throughout the year. When deciding on educational content for the event, meet weekly for roughly 6-8 weeks. Once that content is determined, meet monthly or every other month.
Number of in-person meetings
Meets informally at the Regional Seminars and formal meeting at the Annual Conference to begin work on the Regional Seminars
Number of hours per month
5 - 6 hours a month depending where we are in the planning process. Between events, there may be a couple of months when we do not meet at all. 
Committee Term
One year

Who Serves
Committee Membership
Nine members including both management company and vendor/supplier representatives
Competencies/experience required
Experience in attending conferences, have a pulse on what is happening in the industry, as well as what issues members are dealing with in business every day. Need to be comfortable reaching out to potential session presenters to ask for clarification and/or more information about their proposed presentation.

How to Volunteer
When does this committee accept new volunteers?
The committee forms in October to start planning for the following year’s events. Because planning is already well underway for 2015 events, the committee is not currently accepting new members.