European Seminar Committee

Committee Description
Provide direction and support for the organization of the European Seminar.

  • The Programming Subcommittee reviews all concurrent session presentation proposals to select those that best meet the qualifications, and assists with the selection of keynote presentations.
  • The Promotions Subcommittee assists with communications and outreach to promote the event.
Individual Responsibilities
Responsibilities/tasks of individual committee members
Members of both subcommittees must participate in calls, offer ideas and insight, and follow through on assignments.  
  • Programming Subcommittee members provide input on session submissions and potential keynote speakers. Keep in mind the focus of the events and what type of education should be offered to ensure that the line-up meets those needs. Once the session submissions are received, the committee members score/rate the submissions individually. The scores are then compiled for the committee to begin the selection process. Committee members will also solicit specific presenters and topics if the submissions do not meet the selection criteria or if no submissions address a desired topic.
  • Promotions Subcommittee members provide input on messaging related to the Seminar. They and their companies promote the event to customers and prospective customers.

Time Commitment
Number of conference call meetings
  • Programming Subcommittee has conference calls 1-2 times per month for 2-3 months to review and select presentation proposals (September-November timeframe for February/March event)  or as needed.
  • Promotions Subcommittee has conference calls once per month for 6 months preceding event (September –February) or as needed.
  • Subcommittee chairs will have one conference call with VRMA staff per month, or as needed.
Number of in-person meetings
Once per year onsite during the European Seminar
Number of hours per month expected
Programming Subcommittee 3-5 hours per month during presentation proposal timeframe
Promotions Subcommittee 2-3 hours per month for 6 months
Committee Term
One year

Who Serves
Number of members who serve on this committee
4-6 for each subcommittee
Competencies/experience required
  • Programming Subcommittee requires experience as a holiday rental agent, ideally in Europe, and/or an understanding of agency operations and issues facing the industry so able to make informed programming decisions. Need to be comfortable reaching out to potential session presenters to ask for clarification and/or more information about their proposed presentation.
  • Promotions Subcommittee requires basic social media skills and ability to promote event to industry network of customers and/or colleagues, ideally in Europe.

How to Volunteer
When does this committee accept new volunteers?
Typically when committee formed in August as members are most effective if involved in the entire process.
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