Government Affairs Committee

Committee Description

  • Educate and Advocate the VRMA membership about governmental issues that restrict or ban rental rights.  
  • Educate and Advocate the economic impact and the role of property management to the public and governmental agencies.

Individual Responsibilities
Responsibilities/tasks of individual committee members
Research rental restrictions, track rental restrictions, and discuss strategies and educate VRMA members on white papers and best practices regarding rental issues


Time Commitment
Number of conference call meetings
4-6 times per year
Number of in-person meetings
2 times per year
Number of hours per month
2-4 hours per month
Committee Term
One year

Who Serves
Committee Membership
7 members limit
Competencies/experience required
Experience with government regulation of rental rights in their area and/or experience raising money or building a coalition.


How to Volunteer
Because planning is already underway for 2015, this committee is not currently accepting volunteers.