Media Policy

Media Policy


This policy is to ensure factually-accurate, appropriate and consistent dissemination of Vacation Rental Managers Association (VRMA) news as it pertains to the purpose of the organization, events, reports, accomplishments, research, honors, appointments and announcements. Outlined below is the procedure to follow for all media inquiries, outreach and/or interactions.


If an inquiry is received directly by a VRMA board member, committee member, or an individual from the general VRMA membership:

  1. Whether you receive an inquiry via email or phone, or are approached in-person at an event, please notify VRMA’s executive director and/or marketing director (contact information below).
  2. VRMA’s marketing director will contact the reporter(s) to gather the following information: purpose of the story/coverage, who they are interested in hearing from, publication/media outlet, reporter deadline and when the story will be posted/published.
  3. Based on what the reporter is looking for, the VRMA team will contact the appropriate spokesperson(s):
    1. VRMA’s official spokespersons are its board president and/or its executive director. Any other spokesperson(s) must be approved by the president as a subject-matter expert and/or appropriate representative for the organization.
    2. The spokesperson(s) will be contacted and requested to speak on behalf of VRMA (as a board member or VRMA member).
    3. VRMA’s marketing director will brief the president and/or other spokesperson(s) about the publication/outlet, reporter, story they are working on and the key VRMA messages that the spokesperson(s) should reinforce.
  4. VRMA’s marketing director will follow up with the reporter to confirm the publish/posting date for the story/coverage.
  5. VRMA’s marketing director will obtain a copy of and/or link to the story/coverage to share via the news/blog section of VRMA’s website and other appropriate VRMA communications.
VRMA Executive Director
Marketing Coordinator