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Special promotion extended: Until Aug. 31, 2014, a company that qualifies as a manager member will pay just $300 dues for 2014 membership. The Manager Mid-Year Special membership takes effect as soon as the application with dues payment is processed, and provides membership with full benefits until December 31, 2014, when renewal at the prevailing rate is required to retain membership benefits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Why is VRMA offering this discounted rate on membership?
As the trade association for the vacation rental management industry, it is important for VRMA to continue growing our membership as there is strength in numbers and unity. This offer is a test to see if a trial membership at a reduced rate will attract new members and former members to experience the value of membership today.
The VRMA Board of Directors has assigned tasks to several groups of volunteers and committees to review multiple aspects of VRMA membership – from the value of membership to types of membership options to the dues structure. Recommendations from this multi-faceted review will provide direction for next year and beyond.

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Q:  Is this special discount available to vendor/supplier companies or only vacation rental management companies?
The special offer is only available to vacation rental management companies that manage five or more units that join or re-join for the remainder of 2014. As always, other companies that qualify as other membership types may join or renew at their respective rates.
VRMA vendor/supplier membership is at record numbers which speaks to the health of the industry. Many vendor members including those on the VRMA Board of Directors understand and support the focus on growing the Manager membership.
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Q:  What will it cost to renew membership in 2015?
The VRMA Board of Directors is reviewing the larger picture of membership in structure and value, as well as looking at different scenarios for Manager membership dues for 2015 and beyond. The overarching goal is to allow for more growth of our vacation rental management company members.

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Q:  When will 2015 dues rates be confirmed?
Membership renewal notifications will be distributed by the first week of November to allow time for membership renewals by January 1. The renewal rates will be communicated by the end of October or before.
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Q:  I renewed my membership in VRMA at full price. Why do others get a discount?
This discount is a special, limited-time promotion to introduce VRMA to prospective members. The promotion is to encourage non-members to take time to experience the value of VRMA today.
Current members are encouraged to support the recruitment promotion by reaching out to non-member colleagues to promote the membership offer.  The recruiter of each of the first 50 new Manager members joining during this offer will each earn a $50 recruiter reward. Be sure to tell prospective members to list your name and company in the referred by field on the application for membership.

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Q:  I just joined VRMA earlier this year. Can I get a refund on what I paid over $300?
This special offer is effective June 1 through August 31, 2014, so valid for any member joining or renewing during that period only.

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