Call for Presentation FAQs

2016 Western Seminar
April 4-5, 2016
Grand Hyatt Denver

Denver, Colorado

2016 Eastern Seminar
April 25-26, 2016
Marriott Marquis Atlanta
Atlanta, Georgia


Call for Presentations: Frequently Asked Questions

Call for Presentations: Presentation proposals due Dec. 11. 

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All VRMA members and industry leaders are invited to submit proposals to present concurrent sessions at the upcoming VRMA Regional Seminars.

As the Conference Programming Committee strives for Educational Excellence, they seek presenters who have a passion for their topics to further the industry. A wide variety of sessions are needed, from those presenting cutting edge thought leadership to those providing tactical application of the fundamentals.

Use this opportunity to showcase the expertise, innovative solutions, and forward thinking that enables you to exceed industry standards.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who should submit presentation proposals?

All vacation rental industry professionals are encouraged to submit presentation proposals. The Conference Programming Committee is especially interested in receiving proposals from those who work for/own vacation rental management companies. You work every day to find innovative ways to increase revenue, improve homeowner satisfaction and keep guests coming back. You are an expert in vacation rental management; share your expertise!

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I work for a vacation rental management company. Why should I submit a presentation proposal?

YOU are an expert in your field. You already have a treasure trove of best practices you can share based on your daily experiences in the industry. Sharing this knowledge elevates the entire professionally managed vacation rental industry.

The time you put into preparing for a presentation will come back to directly benefit your company. Take it from other managers who have previously presented at VRMA events:

"I was approached to present at the VRMA Western Seminar and was a bit hesitant due to the fact I've only been in business for six years, and the time commitment to properly prepare my presentation. I accepted, and was pleased I did so for two reasons: 1)The time I put into my presentation came back already to benefit our company as I had to look deeper into our own operations, ask questions, and research the best approach to some areas I was neglecting. 2) When I presented, I felt likeit opened the doors to several other attendees feeling comfortable to approach me, give me their contact info, and further discuss ideas with me. Great networking opportunities were created."- Sarah Bradford, Owner, Winter Park Lodging Company, Winter Park, Colorado

"I highly encourage others in the industry to do what I've done and volunteer to do a presentation, sit on a panel, moderate an ask the experts topic ... and GROW. When you take the time to put yourself out there for others in your given industry; to watch you, listen to you and ask you questions; you begin to hold yourself to a different daily standard. Others who are like-minded begin to flock to you to share knowledge on their expertise and the vacation rental industry becomes a cultivation for life instead of job or career. Please reflect on what you do each day in your market and take a moment to share it with VRMA so we can all flourish."- Emily Eiland Gonzalez, Marketing/Public Relations Director, Kaiser Realty by Wyndham Vacation Rentals, Gulf Shores, Alabama

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Are there specific topics the Conference ProgrammingCommittee is looking for?

The Conference Programming Committee has developed a list of suggested topics for presentations. This list is only a starting point; other ideas are welcome. Submit your presentation idea.

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I have an idea for a presentation, but I am nervous about presenting. What should I do?

Presenting doesn’t have to be scary! Presentation formats may include individual presenters, groups of presenters, and panels. If you have an idea for a presentation but are nervous about presenting, we encourage you to do one of the following:

  • Find moral support: Ask someone from your company, a colleague from another company, or a vendor to co-present with you or serve on a panel.
  • Contact us at We’re here to help!

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How many presentation spots are available?

Approximately 21 educational sessions will take place during each Regional Seminar. With limited presentation slots, not all submissions will be selected.

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How are presentations selected? Will mine be accepted?

The Conference Planning Committee carefully examines all presentation proposals submitted by the deadline. Presentations are vetted based on past attendee feedback and how well the proposal meets VRMA’s educational goals. With limited presentation slots, not all submissions will be selected.

VRMA strongly believes that Regional Seminars are educational events to serve the best interest of its attendees. Speakers are to avoid any appearance of commercialism in their sessions. VRMA also believes that an objective presentation that meets the educational needs of the audience will do the best job of enhancing the credibility of the speaker and VRMA.

Everyone who submits a presentation proposal will receive a response by January 30, 2016 regarding whether their proposal was accepted.

If your presentation is selected, each concurrent session presenter will work with a Conference Planning Committee member prior to the Seminar to ensure session content meets the VRMA's educational goals.

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Is there a specific format for educational sessions?

Most concurrent sessions will be 60 minutes. All proposals will be considered for 60-minute sessions.

All concurrent session rooms will be equipped with the following:

  • LCD projector & screen (presenters must provide their own computers)
  • Lavaliere and hand-held microphones for presenters

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What is required of presenters?

Presenters must agree to the following guidelines:

  1. Presenters participate as volunteers and as such are not compensated for their participation in VRMA events.
  2. Presenters are required to register for the Seminar.
  3. Presenters may provide biography and company contact information on handouts and other presentation materials.
  4. VRMA strongly believes that the Regional Seminars are educational events to serve the best interest of its attendees. Speakers are to avoid any appearance of commercialism in their sessions. VRMA also believes that an objective presentation that meets the educational needs of the audience will do the best job of enhancing the credibility of the speaker and VRMA.
    a. Presenters will not use time during the session for self-promotion or promotion of their companies and/or products.
    b. Presenters will not display products or services for sale inside the meeting room.
  5. Presenters are expected to meet all deadlines for submission of materials and information related to their sessions, as outlined in the presenter packet that will be issued with acceptance notification.
  6. Presenters will arrive at their speaking engagement a minimum of 15 minutes before the session is scheduled to begin.
  7. Presenters are expected to arrive fully prepared for their presentations, with all speaking points, slideshows, and materials compiled and ready.
  8. Presenters will secure advance permission from the copyright holder(s) when using copyrighted materials as part of their presentations.
  9. VRMA reserves the right to use session materials (i.e., handouts) for educational purposes at its discretion, providing credit to the author.
  10. Each concurrent session presenter will work with a Conference Committee member prior to the Seminar to ensure session content meets the Committee's educational goals.
  11. VRMA may audio or video record sessions or take photographs during the event. Presenters agree to have their likeness included in any VRMA media for promotional uses after the event.
  12. Presenters agree to have their biographical information used at the discretion of VRMA for the purposes of event marketing and promotion.
  13. In the event that a presenter needs to cancel, he/she will immediately turn over a copy of his/her materials intended for the event to VRMA so that a replacement presenter may use the materials in preparation of executing the session. In the event of cancellation, the presenter must reimburse VRMA for any expenses the organization has incurred for his/her participation in the event.

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I'm ready to submit a presentation proposal. What information do I need in order to complete the application?

All presentation proposals must be submitted via the online form by the submission deadline.

If you'd like to gather information before submitting the online form, here is a PDF version of the form for reference.

You will need to have the following information ready:

  • A presentation title (will be edited prior to publication)
  • A presentation description (max: 100 words; will be edited prior to publication)
  • A brief presentation proposal (including a high-level overview of your presentation for the European Seminar Planning Committee to consider and any information that would indicate why this presentation should be selected. This does not have to be a full presentation.)
  • A list of the key take-a-ways your session will offer (to help the committee evaluate the relevance to VRMA attendees)
  • An understanding of the type of audience for this session (experience level, functional level, etc.)
  • Information about presenters, including company names/titles/experience level with topic/presenter biography (can be edited after submission if accepted)
    • Please note: You may add presenters to your session after it has been accepted
    • The person listed as the First Presenter will be the primary point of contact for the European Seminar Planning Committee and VRMA staff. This person is responsible for gathering any additional information that may be requested during the review process. This person will also receive confirmation whether the proposal has been accepted or rejected. If selected. this person is responsible for coordinating the session. 

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