Related Organizations

Vacation Rental Management Industry

The Vacation Rental Managers Association does not have a chapter structure. There are, however, several independent groups that have organized in local areas of North America.
These groups require all group members to maintain VRMA membership: 
  • California Vacation Rental Managers Alliance (CAVRMA)
  • San Diego Alliance of the Vacation Rental Managers Alliance (SDVRMA)
The following groups are completely independent organizations, most of which have their own Board of Directors and Bylaws. These organizations do not require their members to be members of VRMA although many companies choose to have memberships in both.
  • FVRMA - Florida Vacation Rental Managers Association
  • CFVRMA - Central Florida Vacation Rental Managers Association
  • NCVRMA - North Carolina Vacation Rental Managers Association
  • VRMAWA - Vacation Rental Managers Association of Washington 
  • Washington State Vacation Rental Managers Association
  • New England Vacation Rental Managers Alliance (contact Carole Sharoff for more information)
  • VRPOMe - Vacation Rental Professionals of Maine  
  • NVRA - Niagara Vacation Rental Association (Canada)

There are many organizations that serve the industry outside of North America with which VRMA has collaborative relationships. Many of these associations are specifically organized for purposes of uniting the local market as a voice for governmental advocacy efforts.

In addition, there are other trade associations that serve a specific aspect of the vacation rental industry or that serve an affiliated industry:  
  • VRHP - Vacation Rental Housekeeping Professionals