Strategic Plan

In early 2013, VRMA conducted a comprehensive member survey for the purpose of identifying opportunities to improve the association, shape VRMA’s future, and help the organization better serve its members and the industry it represents. Based on results of that survey the VRMA Board of Directors and professional staff embarked on the development of a strategic plan that will provide proper focus on those identified priorities.

The Summary Strategic Plan encompasses the key plan elements which emerged from in-person board discussions and their subsequent virtual work over several months:

  • Core purpose  
  • Core values
  • Vision statement
  • Outcome focused goals
  • Preliminary objectives to achieve the goals
Not included in this Summary of the Plan are numerous specific strategies, similar to an operational plan, that are intended to be employed over time in order to achieve the overall Plan’s objectives. These strategies include operational elements such as staffing, budgets, management responsibilities, etc. While a critical component in the execution of the Plan, specific strategies are fluid in nature, can have varying budget impacts that must be assessed before deployment, and are considered management and governance tools that are subject to regular review and modification based on a potential variety of internal and external factors.

The Summary Strategic Plan, as presented, represents three distinct components: 
1. 10-30 Year Planning Horizon that identifies VRMA’s core ideology and envisioned long-term future.
2. 5-10 Year Planning Horizon that identifies anticipated environmental factors and “mega issues” which  need to be periodically reviewed to determine potential future adjustments to the Plan’s goals and objectives.
3. 3-5 Year Planning Horizon that identifies specific outcome-focused goals and objectives that will move VRMA toward its Vision.