Vendor/Supplier Membership

Qualifications for Supplier Membership

This is a company membership, not an individual's membership. The company must provide a product or service in the vacation rental industry that would be of interest to vacation rental managers.  Examples of this include:  website design, travel insurance, property management software, linens and housewares, etc.

Exclusive Member Benefits, Resources and Opportunities

As a Supplier Member and supporter of VRMA, there are numerous opportunities to meet the industry's leading vacation rental management professionals, build lasting relationships, and help establish the trends for the vacation rental management industry. 

Vacation rental management requires specialized knowledge, so vacation rental professionals seek vendors that understand this industry and many VRMA members first choice is a Supplier Member of VRMA.

By joining VRMA as a Supplier Member, your company will be able to participate in: 

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Supplier Member companies pay dues of $895 for a membership term of January through December.  For new members, dues are pro-rated by the day from January through June.  Starting in July, new members joining will pay "pro-rate plus" dues which is pro-rated dues for the current year plus dues for the entire following year.

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For additional information or to ask questions about joining VRMA as a vendor/supplier member, contact Jamey King, Business Development Manager at