Getting Away Together

For the past several years, the Vacation Rental Managers Association has had the unique opportunity to be involved in the development and production of a television program for PBS member stations called Getting Away Together. The show follows groups of families and friends as they explore exciting destinations, with vacation rentals managed by VRMA members serving as the home base for each group.

The show was created to generate awareness of vacation rentals as a lodging category. Since it began airing in 2011, Getting Away Together has been distributed to 70 percent of U.S. homes; this year it will also be distributed internationally to further its reach. VRMA is the first and only association to ever develop a show for PBS member stations, speaking to the innovative approach undertaken by VRMA to ensure travelers see the value of the vacation rental experience. From the beginning, VRMA has partnered with Emmy-winning production company PineRidge Film & Television to make the show a reality.

While we recognize the unique attributes of Getting Away Together and are proud of its success in generating awareness among travelers, we also recognize the potential for the show to be even better and more successful especially if it is guided by a professional television production company. To that end, VRMA leadership has transferred ownership and all future rights of the program to PineRidge Film & Television effective immediately. This transfer will allow the VRMA to focus its resources on membership and the association itself.

What does this mean for you?

By privatizing Getting Away Together, VRMA is able to relieve itself from the financial burdens and risks associated with managing the production of the show. These resources may now be more effectively allocated toward the areas identified in VRMA's strategic plan as most critical to our members and the overall industry we represent.

What does this mean for the future of Getting Away Together?

The show will continue to live on with its original creator, PineRidge Film & Television, who will be able to invest their resources and expertise into production and greater distribution of future seasons of the show. This means that though VRMA is not involved in the day-to-day management of the show, VRMA members will continue to benefit from this program and the awareness it brings to the vacation rental lodging category.  PineRidge has been an invaluable partner from the beginning, and their vision to continue producing a high-quality, family-friendly program about the vacation rental experience remains steadfast.

What does this mean for episodes already produced of Getting Away Together? 

Simply put: Nothing changes about the 21 episodes of Getting Away Together that have already been produced. These 21 episodes were distributed to PBS member stations earlier this year and are expected to begin airing as early as June. All episodes will additionally be posted on this summer.

Additionally, VRMA maintains the rights to use the episodes already filmed for any future marketing or promotion purposes. Any sponsor/destination/company who participated in the show also maintains the same level of access outlined in their contract with PineRidge. 

We appreciate the hard work that has gone into the production of Getting Away Together as well as the efforts of all members who have participated in bringing an episode to their destination. If you have any questions, please contact VRMA Executive Director Mark McSweeney at

We look forward to the continued success of the show and--even more importantly--continuing to grow the association as well as vacation rental awareness among travelers as we effectively align our resources with the needs of our members.